Learned Helplessness

by Fully Involved

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This full-length debut is a long time in the making & I'm incredibly proud to have it out. It covers a decent range of rock styles, from angry punk jams to sad-boy singer-songwriter stuff & everything in between. What unifies it is its themes of frustration with the status quo, both in the world & within yourself, and giving necessary reality checks along the way. I hope you enjoy it.

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released August 11, 2017

Mark Berman: Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keys on "Accept My Breakdown"

Thanks to these cool guys for helping out:

Powers Berry - Guitar solo on "Wasteland"
Nick Fidel - Drums on "The Opinion Disease" & "The Equator"
Ethan (aka Colorblind Coding) - Guitar solo on "Come Out Right"

Tim Suttie - Production & engineering
Adam Lusk - Additional mixing
Nathan Cowan & Johnny Goens - Feedback giving

Recorded/produced at Beacon's Bible Church Aug 2016-June 2017
"Fan or Follower" quotes Psalm 139:23-24



all rights reserved


Fully Involved San Diego, California

Eclectic rock project from San Diego. Music for overthinkers. My name's Mark & I basically play everything.

The debut album Learned Helplessness is out now! For just $5 you get that + a free bonus record. (More info on the album page)
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Track Name: Wasteland (One Way Trip)
The next city’s just in sight
But the crime-rate’s running high, and they’re desperate to supply
Townspeople driven by spite
Arguing over the slight petty hope of being right
And it’s getting hard for indie vendors to get by

I’ll take a one way trip to a place where chances slip
Once was Heaven’s gate, but now a sinking ship
Packing my bags for a land under attack
Maybe I’m late, but I’ll take a one way trip to the wasteland

And the back of my mind says “Please don’t apply”
But I feel it in my gut & at least gotta try
To make it in this God-forsaken town
I’m on this trip & I can’t turn around


Chorus 2:
Take a chance, ‘cause I’m stuck in a trance
Behind all this hate, I get lost at a glance, so I’m
Packing my bags for a land under attack
Maybe I’m late, but I’ll take a one way trip to the wasteland
Track Name: The Opinion Disease
Foot in mouth again, shame lingers around
Which way does the fault flow?
Should I take you down or did I let you down?
Maybe I’ll never know

And I try so hard, with verbal navigation
But know I’m not a perfect guy
A simple thought, unleashes all the venom
The question comes “Why even try?”

Another day, another filter, another vain attempt
Just to keep the world at ease
When fragile minds stay off-kilter, so few are exempt
From the opinion disease


Looking at you, looking at me now

I admit I’m just as lost, the second I’m inclined
And brush off empathy
Wash my mouth with a soapbox, and that’s how I’m defined
With the opinion disease


Looking at you, looking at me now
Track Name: The Equator
We all wait with baited breath
To make right with what we’ve got left
We’re waiting for commands
But praying for a ban from what’s at hand
The world burns & what’s imposed?
What’s the color of the firehose?
Satire is déjà vu, we tire of nothing new
While civil wars ensue, with no equator

Performing on a stage, preaching in this day & age
The more you compromise, the more negators
Call for a change in roles, both directions are too cold
What separates the poles is the equator

Equator… your second thoughts will die on the equator

Fool them with your piousness
A prison for your biases
When you put up a fight
Since you’re disenfranchised, we know you’re right
And meanwhile collecting dust
The “losers” deserve your trust
The only ones who think, beyond the papers’ ink
Will all be left to sink in the equator

(Chorus + solo)

(Chorus-outro 3x)

It’s a sign of dying fate
We at large decide the state
By no measure of skill
But going for the thrill of the next kill
The labels & discrimination
Without one consideration
Hearing either side, the chasm’s open wide
Hemisphere echo chambers, no equator
Track Name: Accept My Breakdown
Running frantic down the hall, collapsing from it all
Failing sanity tonight
Now better than it was then, but afraid the aftershock will kick in
This is not a normal sight

All I need from you now, is to accept my breakdown
Just to pull myself out, of the Hell I make now
All I need is to shout, to make sure that I don’t drown
Promise I will come around

You swear, “This is the real world, as tough as you have heard
It’s a cycle to upset
Let’s get this all behind us. Do you still use your thymus?”
I looked at you calm and said…

(Chorus + instrumental bridge)

(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: It's for the Song
It’s for the song’s inspiration
You’re the cure to my frustration
Months without an idea to frame
What I’m about, the cracks have stayed the same
Now I have found, a new causation
It’s endearing with a name, it’s for the song

First songs are infatuation
Sweet and earnest, pure elation
Oh and while I am playing a game
It’s for the song
The interesting part’s creation
Of a whole new aggravation
All to spark that new creative flame
It’s for the song

A perfect lie, an accusation
An anthem of our fallen nation
The masters of, the old all see acclaim
This state of love, the poetry of shame
They know it’s tough, they cry relation
Pick the strongest nerve & aim, it’s for the song


(Fade out) I’m begging on my knees
(Weigh out) Other such imageries
It’s all paid off, it turns the gears
They’ll cry out their formative years


I cannot stop manipulation, before we hit our expiration
For us starving artists, there’s no shame, it’s for the song
Track Name: Comical at Best
I’ve spent too long to bear, building up your mysticism
You’re unaware, my subconscious made that schism
I’d compare, how Catholic shame leads to skepticism
But that’s comical at best
Thought I was higher than the rest

Our words flow natural as melodious grooves
On that record we gushed over for what felt like an hour or 2
I was getting ready to make a move
But you brought up that you got the suggestion from a guy that you knew
Of course my plans went down the tubes
Voluntarily I’ll verily accept there’s no more point left to prove
At the least when I’m talking to you
Or ideally the morally correct way I should process the news


Verse 2:
Oh god, my head is gonna explode
From frustration or inflation of an ego that’s been broken apart
You’re content, and that was a blow
A contusion, my illusion that you’ve went around and broken my heart
What’s it say when I probably know
If I didn’t see appearances, I’d take it back & learn to restart
We’d be off, enjoying a show
From that band that first commanded conversations, that’ll rid me the scar

Track Name: Narrative
Walking helpless on the shore
Tunnel vision & still looking for more
Gone further off the axis after sudden downpour

Nothing better left to do
Than sit making mountains out of molecules
Oh my, these circumstances are so diabolical

I would throw it all away
If living still afraid
Is the price I have to pay
To have something left to say
Though the truth won’t be dismissed
It deserves comparisons
Mastering learned helplessness
Won’t help the narrative

Continuing masochistic facades
Refusing water to end the mirage
Waiting for words of wisdom to milk something from the odds


Looking at this open book, covers glued to the table
Ghosts will take distorted looks, translating all the fables
I’ll pretend I’m outta luck, satisfied with the label
Is a life molded for hooks, worth it for such help?

Track Name: Fan or Follower
I can't go on living life like this
On this non-stop walk of shame
When I keep on with unsubstantialness
With no one but myself to blame

Search me, O God, and know my heart
Test me and know my anxious thoughts
Now am I a fan or am I a follower
Are you really my number one?

I stand my ground, head out of the pit
How long will this righteousness last?
With every future day, will I escape dismay?
Or get caught in the loop of past


A thousand times a sinner, a thousand times a fool
A thousand times forgiven without faith (you) as my own tool
I know that I can serve you, but life gets in the way
But I know my path to glory needs to start today

Chorus 2:
Search me, O God, and know my heart
Test me and know my anxious thoughts
Search me for any offenses
Show me the way, I beg, assist, oooh
Am I a fan or am I a follower
Am I a fan or am I a follower
Now am I a fan or am I a follower
Are you really my number one?
Track Name: Come Out Right
I wanna come out right
Oh-whoa-oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh-oh
Wanna come out right
Oh-whoa-oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh-oh

Sometimes the first or second time is when it all comes together
Fight the current, it might take the fourth or fifth
Sometimes it seems a revelation should be second nature
I only start to refuse it when out of breath

Praying for an all-new structure shatters with no thought
But will exploration rupture all these bonds I’ve got?


Sometimes I’ll spend a whole day on the floor just trying to reconnect
After the latest brush with reality
“Is it a sign or just a fluke?” is what I’m trying to dissect
Suppose the answer determines morale to me

(Pre-chorus + Chorus)

When everything goes wrong, I wanna come out right
Far from a jaded breed, alone when fears ignite
I wanna open up & not make a mess
Pardon the dying need to suffer for the stress

(Outro section: bridge 2x)

Wanna come out right